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Urban Eco and Sustainability Tour

Join our unique Urban Eco and Sustainability focused tour and discover what Melbourne, its community groups, local governments and individuals are doing to create a more sustainable future. This tour leads you on a social and environmental exploration through Melbourne and discusses possible solutions to the pressing issues of today.


  • Aboriginal landcare, agriculture and sustainability practices
  • Sustainable architecture and urban design
  • Local government environmental leadership
  • Local initiatives and community projects
  • Reclaimed spaces
  • Population growth and its impacts
  • Urban gardening
  • Creative business, social enterprise and a new way of business
  • Local eco tips for food, shops and fun

What to expect

Join us on an inspirational walking tour through the environmental heart of our city. 


Our Urban Eco and Sustainability Tour will introduce you to the projects, community groups and individuals who are saving our planet!


On this tour you will discover the green nooks in our city that have been transformed into incredible community spaces and urban gardens. You will gain an understanding of the importance of good eco-friendly urban design and bear witness to positive influence of urban greening. You will also be introduced to local innovative social enterprises who are shaping the future of business.


The perfect experience for visitors and locals alike!


Where: Our tour begins at the main entrance of the Transport Hotel at Federation Square.
Duration: 4 hours (including a short break)
Group Size: Small groups
When: Currently only accepting private bookings
Price: On request