We are incredibly blessed that many of our guests have taken the time to write glowing reviews of their time with us on our tours. Below you’ll find a small selection of reviews that are some of our favourites.

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I thoroughly enjoyed the experience which was a wealth of pleasant surprises and enlightenment. It opened up a whole universe of understanding and things I had never seen or even thought much about. Liam has a ‘sustainable’ and very noble approach to his offerings which was refreshing and welcome. I would recommend this tour to anybody who is interested in humanity, how we express ourselves and how we coexist in this world that needs so much more care and understanding.
— Richard, April 2019 (Airbnb Experiences)

Liam is amazing. We were blown away by his knowledge! His tour was super interesting and surpassed our expectations. Highly recommend this if you are looking for a tour filled with fascinating cultural history of Melbourne and local street art.
— Rachel, January 2019 (TripAdvisor)

Growing up in Melbourne I thought I knew it all, but little did I! Liam gave us some awesome insight into Melbourne, he talked about history, alternative culture & art very clearly and easily. The tour was very insightful and engaging, I loved it and would highly recommend it to others.
— Matt, November 2018 (TripAdvisor)

The sustainable tour was unlike any tourist experience I’ve ever had before! Not only did we learn some truly fascinating facts about the history of the land, but we also visited some unique and beautiful green sanctuaries in the middle of the city. Liam shared some incredibly valuable ecological knowledge of the city, in a both informative, highly entertaining and friendly manner. We covered several vibrant and diverse suburbs and even got to spot some wildlife ourselves on the sunny Merri Creek! An amazing and unique way to spend a few hours in Melbourne.
— Marni, October 2018 (Airbnb)

Liam is a fun, passionate and knowledgeable guide who showed us a new side of Melbourne and the inner north. The tour is a great mix of history, design, and cool social enterprises with more than just a nod to the original owners of the land on which Melbourne sits today. Recommended for travellers who want to get off the beaten track and Melbournians who want to discover some hidden treasures in their own backyard.
— Nyunkia, September 2018 (TripAdvisor)

Having lived in Fitzroy for years back in the day, and spending far too many nights there hanging out in bars and clubs from the 70s onwards, I thought I knew rather a lot about the place. So I was delighted when we took Liam’s tour, for a friend’s birthday, to discover there were places I didn’t know, stories I hadn’t heard and fabulous art I had walked past without noticing it was there. Best of all were the history and stories of Aboriginal people’s connection with and influence on the area... fascinating. Thank you Liam... I will be alerting everyone I know to this eye-opening resource right on my doorstep.
— Jane, June 2018 (TripAdvisor)