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Ling: Street and Graffiti Artist

Ling: Street and Graffiti Artist


In our first Featured Street Artist post last month we featured the miniature diorama specialist, Tinky in an interview that gave us a super special insight into her work. This time around we got a hold of another of our favourite street artists/graffiti artists Ling

The New Zealand born Melbourne raised Ling began his graffiti career with a sloppy dosing of dulux paint that he generously smeared across his parents back fence. Over time Ling evolved his style to include elements of both graffiti and street art, with his pieces often featuring portraits of many instantly recognisable pop culture icons.

As a young kid he adopted the writer name of Linguist, which at the time he thought was quite witty, but after realising the name itself was maybe a bit too long, he shortened it to a simpler version, Ling. A good choice if you don’t want to get caught by the po po when throwing up a piece. Ling will now occasionally extend it out to Linger, but Linguist appears to be gone.



Ling considers himself to be a graffiti writer/artist who dabbles with a bit of street art. His graffiti approach is quite traditional, but he mixes things up by placing a touch of personal nostalgia of childhood memories in the form of pop culture icons from the 80’s and 90’s a time when he was growing up.

Besides his regular work, Ling also produced a series of work entitled “Allure of Gold”. In this he found objects and places that previously held value, but had been discarded. By painting these objects and places with gold spray paint, he created an interest in something viewed as worthless and created an illusion of value. Smashed cars and whole abandoned houses were sprayed from top to bottom by Ling for the project.

Ling’s work can be found in various locations around Melbourne, but he has also ventured overseas to destinations like New York, Tokyo, Belgrade and Copenhagen. In the future Ling plans to concentrate on evolving his work and style, and keep pushing his own boundaries. He predicts that Melbourne’s walls will change over the years, but as one wall gets buffed, another will pop up. Let’s hope he’s right.




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