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Empire by Rone

Empire by Rone


Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend ‘Empire’ the latest exhibition by the incredibly talented Australian street artist Rone. This exhibition, that is set in the haunted remains of a disused and rundown 1930’s mansion in the Dandenong Ranges, is truly something else. Think along the lines of abandoned beauty and exhausted greed, coupled with a seasonal take over by nature, and you’ll be in the ballpark.



As you wander from room to room Empire draws many questions to your mind about the motifs, connections to the building and its history, and to the importances of each individual item throughout the mansion. Most of these questions I did find answers for, but I don’t want to ruin the experience for others by publishing them here. This is also the reason I am only sharing a couple of photos.




Unfortunately Empire is completely SOLD OUT! However, there is still hope! I’d encourage anyone who is interested to attend Empire to keep a keen eye on the Facebook Event Page or Tixel for people selling tickets. And/or cross your fingers tightly in hope that the exhibition will be extended.



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