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Email a tree in Melbourne

Email a tree in Melbourne


With over 70,000 trees standing in the City of Melbourne, it is quite clearly a difficult task to know the health and condition of each individual tree. To help out City of Melbourne thought it would be a great idea to get the public involved by giving them an opportunity to email individual trees about issues they may be having. Obviously the jovial nature of Australian’s and others meant it turned into something completely different!


  The Greenie Tour  at Birrarung Marr with Moreton Bay Figs in the background

The Greenie Tour at Birrarung Marr with Moreton Bay Figs in the background


“What would you tell people if you could speak?” one person asks. “How do you feel about those trees who are hugged by koalas all day?” another person enquires. “You are beautiful. Sometimes I sit or walk under you and feel happier” a Moreton Bay Fig tree lover shares. Our trees in Melbourne are clearly loved and although I’m sure City of Melbourne prefers you to only use the system to report any tree problems, you too can share your feelings by heading to the Urban Forest Visual page! Or if you’re just curious what other people have shared with their favourite trees, check out the ABC’s recent post.


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