About Our Social & Cultural Values | Wayward Wanders | Wayward Wanders
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About Our Social & Cultural Values | Wayward Wanders



Wayward Wanders is an ethically minded Melbourne walking tour company with strong social and environmental values. Our tours reflect these values and our passions, and are largely influenced by our personal interests, current affairs, local history, politics and travel experiences, as well as creatively designed tours we’ve joined abroad.



Our Story

Wayward Wanders was founded in 2017 by a local Melbourne Tour Guide trying to escape the horrors of mass tourism and lead small groups of curious tourists wanting to experience Melbourne as a local. The business is built on over a decade of industry experience in Australia including Melbourne, Country Victoria and Far North Queensland, as well as international experience in Berlin, Germany. From this experience we deliver high quality, creatively designed tours with a modern alternative twist.

Our Business

We are a very small group of like minded individuals who have big plans for future growth of our ideas and business. From day one, Wayward Wanders has been a way for us to give back to our local community, as such we not only showcase and promote our favourite local community groups, charities and social enterprises, we also donate 10% of all profits to these groups.

Our Tours

We take curious minded guests away from the typical tourist attractions and expose them to the wonders that make Melbourne a truly unique city.  From incredible street art and graffiti to inspiring community projects, cultural hotspots, urban gardens and amazing city views, we take our guests to an alternative side of Melbourne they may never knew existed.



Wayward Wanders acknowledges the Wurundjeri people of The Kulin Nation as the original custodians of the land our tour walks on. We pay our respects to elders past, present and future.