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5 Must Take Tours

5 Must Take Tours


The concepts behind Wayward Wanders and our tours have been heavily influenced by a variety of personal interests, political issues, travel experiences and many creatively designed tours we have attended whilst traveling and living abroad. In this post we share with you some of our favourite tour companies from around the world who have helped inspire us to create our very own business. Here are 5 of the most creative, dynamic and alternative tours we think you should join.

Alternative Berlin – Berlin, Germany

We have not only had the pleasure of taking one of Alternative Berlin’s tours, but our founder also previously worked for them! Many of our tour concepts and discussed topics have been heavily influenced by Alternative Berlin and their creatively designed alternative themed tours. Be sure to check out their in-depth Real Berlin Experience tour for a real insight into Berlin and its culture. 

The Worst Tours – Porto, Portugal

An abundance of beautiful beaches, amazing seafood and a vibrant summertime party atmosphere has in recent years made Portugal one of the hotspots of Europe. But this new found popularity, plus the effects of the Global Financial Crisis and some dodgy politics, have had many negative effects on the Portuguese towns/cities and the locals that live there. The Worst Tours takes guests on an adventure away from the regular river side attractions in Porto and exposes them to the issues that face the city and its people today. Expect anything from an abandoned train line to reinvigorated forgotten spaces, urban gardens and many political discussions.

Interesting Times Bureau – Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest is one of those real ‘up-and-coming’ European destinations. It has the hip, cool and trendy neighbourhoods with funky shops, galleries and cafes, but it is somewhat hidden. Interesting Times Bureau takes you out of the city centre on their Alternative Tour and tells a different tale to the norm. Expect anything from forgotten architectural masterpieces to hidden garden bars, street art, intreging historic and cultural tales, unique shops and everything in between. 

The Green Village Tour – Ubud, Indonesia

Thousands of Australians flock to Bali every year to indulge in its beauty, beaches and party atmosphere. One favourite spot for the more hip yoga loving folks is Ubud. Not far from here you can find the most amazing multi-story bamboo houses you could ever think of. If you don’t have a spare $300US to stay in them, The Green Village offer tours that focus on the design, sustainability and building process of their dreamy houses. If you have time, be sure to also take a tour of their school, which is currently churning out incredibly gifted individuals with a strong environmental consciences. 

Alternative Tour Beirut – Beirut, Lebanon

Of the 5 tours listed here, the Alternative Tour Beirut is unfortunately the only one we are yet to experience. But what I can tell you is, the founder of the company attended an Alternative Berlin tour and found the concept so interesting that he decided to start up his own company in his home city of Beirut. If you want to experience Beirut as a local, we highly recommend you checking these guys out!


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