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5 Incredible Melbourne Enterprises

5 Incredible Melbourne Enterprises


In recent years Melbourne has become an epicentre for creative businesses with strong social and environmental values. Wayward Wanders celebrates and promotes various inspiring local businesses on our tours, but we would also like to share some with you right here on our blog. We can’t name all of our favourites in one post, but here are 5 Incredible Melbourne enterprises you should know about!


Since 2008 founder Bec Scott and her team at Streat have been helping disadvantaged and homeless youths take positive steps towards a sustainable livelihood through pathways and education in the hospitality industry. Streat are now one of Melbourne’s most recognised and highly regarded social enterprises, which now incorporates 3 city locations and their 1 year old Collingwood location donated to them on a 50 year lease for the nominal fee of $5 per year!


KeepCup was launched by the brother and sister duo Jamie and Abigail Forsyth in 2009. The duo had become extremely concerned with the large amount of waste produced by their cafe and customers on the go. From this came the idea of re-usable coffee cups, which after some trial and error, became a massive hit. KeepCup has now sold over 5 million cups to over 65 different countries around the world.


Greensacks was launched in 2009 by the environmentally concerned Melbourne mum, Pam Bellette, as a solution to one-use plastic bags often used for fruit and vegetables in supermarkets. Her small family owned business produces quality reusable fruit and vegetable bags to try and eliminate some of the estimated 5 billion bags we use each year here in Australia!

Who Gives A Crap

In 2012 Simon Griffiths, one of the three founders of Who Gives A Crap, famously sat on a toilet for 50 hours to help publicise their crowdfunding campaign that reach their goal of $50,000. Not only is their toilet paper made from recycled paper, half of their profits get donated to not-for-profit organisations working to improve access to hygiene, water and basic sanitation in developing countries. Since launching their company in 2013 they claim to have saved more than 30,000 trees, 74 million litres of water and 6,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emission, whilst managing to donated over $500,000 to their partner charity WaterAid!


A young and creative group of friends from Melbourne launched Thankyou water in 2008 with an aim to help some of the 900 million people around the world who don’t have access to clean and safe drinking water. Their creative marketing campaigns directed towards companies like 7 Eleven, Coles and Woolworths gained a lot of popularity and support, which ultimately led to their products being stocked. Although we highly recommend consuming water from a reusable bottle/canister, we also acknowledge that if people are going to continue drinking bottled water, they might as well do it for a good cause! Their product line now includes water, food, bodycare and baby products, with their profits helping to fund safe water, hygiene and sanitation programs in 16 different countries.


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